World Robot Olympiad 2017

Regional chapter of world`s largest robotics competition was held at Divine Child School, Mehsana in association with RoboFun Lab India by India STEM Foundation. 42 teams from entire Gujarat participated in this competition in elementary & junior high category. The event witnessed cut throat competition amongst the teams with the winning time of 38 & 93 seconds in Elementary & Junior respectively! A total of 34 teams were qualified for National Chapter of the tournament with their comprehensive performance. Teams winning at the national platform will represent India at International Finale - Costa Rica this November.

This year`s theme is Sustainability - where students are making robots to reduce carbon footprints in Industrial Area and also on saving the endangered animal species in rain forests. Teams make use of Lego Mindstorms EV3 as a platform to make their Robots. Robotics is considered as one of the best platforms to provide Hands on Minds on Education to the students of this century - bridging the gap between theoretical & practical education. 65000+ teams participate in this competition across the globe from 70+ countries.